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Top Male Enhancement Pills not go to plant soybeans to eat tofu. Jiang Qingyun paused, Lang said I thought that the promotion method proposed in the small medical doctor draft, let the Top Male Enhancement Pills Yanjun soldiers eat tofu, dozens Wan Yanjun, even if he only eats a few meals a month, the number is huge. Tofu is ground with soybeans. Yan Jun needs to buy soybeans from the villagers. The demand for soybeans increases. When the villagers spontaneously start farming, soy. Zhou Top Male Enhancement Pills Bing Top Male Enhancement Pills looked and thought and said four words, Step by step. Cousin said what he said. Jiang Qingyu.n gave Li Ruyi a reassuring look. Zhou Bing read the draft and asked Li Ruyi about his incomprehensible points. Li Ruyi was thoughtful in promoting the tofu, and he answered the question. Zhou Bing and Yan Yueliang said It s a pity that you are a woman, otherwise the king will seal you as a farmer, mainly responsible for promoting tofu. Li Ruyi said Autumn and winter are the peak sales Top Male Enhancement Pills of tofu. Now the tofu recipe is Top Male Enhancement Pills passed to the military camp. In the early autumn, it will be passed to some people. By the time, the sales of tofu will be many times higher than the pre

vious two years. The demand for Top Male Enhancement Pills soybeans will increase sharply next year. Kaichun Top Male Enhancement Pills villagers Top Male Enhancement Pills will naturally grow soybeans in open fields. Good Zhou Bing was persuaded by the draft and Top Male Enhancement Pills the two. This matter is carried out according to the draft. Your family teaches the tofu recipe as soon pinis enlargement pills as possible. Li Ruyi did not expect Top Male Enhancement Pills Zhou Bing to agree so cheerfully, smiling Yes. I will order the cooks of the Yanjun military camps to rush to the general camp on the outskirts of Yancheng within seven d.ays. At that time, your family will send people to the general camp to teach. He also wants to rely on control max male enhancement pill the tofu recipe to exchange interests with the various parties. It must be best male sexual enhancement pills over the counter kept Top Male Enhancement Pills secret and cannot be transmitted. Li Ruyi was very happy in his heart and smiled. My uncle has a high level of tofu. Let him go to the military camp for a few days and make all the army cook churches tofu. Jiang Qingyun specifically said Li Ershu is Li Shu s cousin. When he was young, he burned his brain and his best overall male enhancement products mind sex pills for men was very simple. The Yanjun military camp is a very important military base, and the non Yan army cannot enter. Li

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Shan has Jiang Qingyun as a guarantee, Zhou Bingfang will charter him into the Top Male Enhancement Pills Yan Army military camp. Zhou Bing casually asked Is there a second uncle in the little doctor Yes. When my hometown suffered a plague, I fled with my two year old uncle. Later, I married my mother and raised my second son. This year my uncle is twenty two years old. The Top Male Enhancement Pills mind is weaker than ordinary people, and resolutely unwilling to be a relative, to live with my for a lifetime. Zhou Bing wondered, Isn t it a family Yes. My uncle is not married. My uncle has hunger for refusing Top Male Enhancement Pills to become a relative. Jiang Qingyun smiled and said Li Ershu s mind is simple, he can live with his brother and sister, and he is very content with clothes and food. Zhou Bing nodded slightly. There are also people who are not married in Yan Jun. They are one person who eats the whole Top Male Enhancement Pills family and is not hungry. All the military sergeants spend their money, don t need to save money and daughter in law, and live freely When talking about Yan Jun, his words will increase. Zhou Moxuan heard Top Male Enhancement Pills his laughter at the door and thought he was wro

ng. Mo Xuan, you came just right, the little god doctor gave the tofu recipe, this is the promotion draft she wrote, you are embarrassed. Zhou Moxuan said with excitement The little god doctor is a strange woman, I thank you for the male enhancement capsule people in the north Top Male Enhancement Pills You will pass on orders for me. bl4ck 4k male enhancement Within seven days, the Yanjun camps sent a best male enhancement supplement 2018 brain like cook to the general camp. This is not Zhou Jingwang s trip to Xingchen.g. Top Male Enhancement Pills Zhou Bing let Zhou Moxuan Top Male Enhancement Pills go to the order. Yes. Zhou Bingben wanted to hand over the promotion of tofu to Zhou Moxuan, and worried that Zhou Moxuan was not strong enough. He still had to hand over Top Male Enhancement Pills the matter to Zhou Jingwang, and black and white capsule male enhancement then he sent a Top Male Enhancement Pills farmer to mojo male enhancement pills pure stare at it. It is estimated that those farmers would not be happy. Mind We must do this well, Top Male Enhancement Pills so that all the villagers, even the villagers in the border defense, can also open the seeds of soybeans and eat tofu. They can t expect them to make money. They should cure the night blindness, make the body bones good, and eat the tofu in winter. Top Male Enhancement Pills Don t starve to death. After half an hour, Jiang Qingyun and Li Ruyi opened their eyes and smiled.

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