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Size Genetics didn t say two Size Genetics sentences, I took you away. Soon, the two went to Mrs. Hong s bedroom. Taiwan doctor, I am very uncomfortable, my heartbeat is very powerful, often like to jump out of my throat. Mrs. Hong has been tortured by her teens, she lost a dozen pounds in just one month, but she does not want to die. The desire to survive is very strong, and I want to sit up and talk. Zhou Qiongrui was sad and sat on the edge of the bed and advised You are lying down. Cheng Ying didn t dare to look at Mrs. Hong who was lying in bed. Su Rong said You can lie down. The lower official will give Size Genetics you the pulse first. It s the pulse again Mrs. Hong spit out, I Size Genetics feel Size Genetics bad. Cheng should slow down After the official has passed the pulse, I will listen to your heart and lungs. Mrs. Hong was lying in bed, and she had to look up to Cheng Ying at this position. Seeing that Cheng Ying Size Genetics was about fifty years old, she a teenager older than herself. The mood is tangled, hey, is it necessary Size Genetics for him to listen to his Size Genetics heart and listen to his heart to help him find out what disease, or for the innocent reputation of this world Zh

ou Qiongrui whispered softly Cheng Tai, how do you give my mother a heart Cheng Ying is not a fool evenly, especially in the Taidu own the night male enhancement Hospital of the capital and the Yanwang House for many years. The number of female patients who have been diagnosed has been countless. He heard the voice of Zhou Qiongrui and said The county is not worried. huang male enhancement There is one thing that can Size Genetics hear the patient s heart and lungs a few feet apart. Zhou Qiongrui said with excitement That is really good. It is best male sexual enhancement products said that Mrs. Hong s heart is so happy that she can detect what disease and will not ruin her innocence. Who knows that she is so excited and excited, the Size Genetics heart beats very badly, sex tablets for male and the uncomfortable is about to faint. The two famous doctors how to increase your ejaculate amount in the hospital heard the news and saw that Cheng Ying Size Genetics had a weird thing in Size Genetics his hand to prepare for Mrs. Hong s medical treatmen.t. The tall and fat doctor asked the strange thing, saying Dare to ask the doctor, what is this This name is called a Size Genetics stethoscope, and it can listen to the heart Size Genetics and lungs of the patient. The stethoscope is made by a hermit doctor in Yancheng. Cheng Ying had seve

Size Genetics

ral people in front of Yancheng, and even Qin Taizhen was straight. Said that he is not allowed to be in the nobles of the country, especially in the palace, Li Ruyi. The fat and Size Genetics fat doctor shocked This thing is actually able to listen to people s heart and lungs. It is really amazing. Hey, if we have this thing, we can hear what happened to the county lady s heart. It turned out that Mrs. Hong s status was honorable. She Size Genetics did not dare to kneel on her chest to listen to her heartbeat, which made her doctor unable to diagnose her illness. Her condition was getting worse and worse, and the pulse showed little time. Another famous doctor has long heard of the name of the process, and it is very respectful Please ask the doctor to treat the county lady. The procedure that has mastered Size Genetics the function.of the stethoscope should immediately let Zhou Qiongrui put the stethoscope s diagnosis head on Mrs. Hong s left chest and then put on the ear hook. Size Genetics The sound Size Genetics tube is about two feet long, and Cheng should keep this distance with Mrs. Hong throughout the auscultation. This method of auscultation shocked everyone p

resent. Mrs. Hong Size Genetics is very different from Qin Zhaoyang. Mrs. Hong s heart is born in the right chest like an ordinary person, and her heart rate is different at twelve hours. It is indeed a heart disease patient. Da Zhouguo s current medical level, there is no medicine for treating heart disease. Before Li Ruyi was diagnosed with Qin Size Genetics Zhaoyang, he made some drugs to treat heart disease. He gave Cheng Ying and free big dick pills He Shaochao. It is a good thing to do this. The county girl s heart rate is Size Genetics not uniform, it may be acute myocarditis. Size Genetics Cheng should take off Size Genetics his ear and look at his face, pale face, godless Mrs. Hong, asked some questions, seeing Mrs. Hong at any time to look like a gas, really afraid of best male enhancement pills without yohimbe her When I went this way, I took out extenze extended release customer reviews the medicine for.treating Size Genetics heart Size Genetics Size Genetics disease and asked Zhou Yurui to pay her. Myocarditis is a viral infection or excessive fatigue that causes the heart to viapro gnc become larger. This disease is not a serious illness, but if the patient has high blood pressure, it will be awesome. Zhou Yurui trusted Cheng Ying, according to his request, brain nutrients and supplements the medicine was given to Mrs. Hong. This medicine is m

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