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Male Performance Supplements oduced which would show that when Ward laid siege to a man, that man would turn out to be a fool, too as much of Male Performance Supplements a fool as any Grant that all men were fools if the being successfully beguiled by Ward was proof, by itself., that the man was a fool. He began to present instances. He said in effect that nobody would call the president of the Erie Railroad a fool, yet Ward beguiled him to the extent of 800,000, robbed him of every cent of it. He mentioned another man who could not be called a fool yet Ward had beguiled that man out of more than half a million dollars and had given him Male Performance Supplements nothing in return Male Performance Supplements for it. He instanced a man with a name something like Fisher, though that was not the name, whom he said nobody could call a fool on the Male Performance Supplements contrary a man who had made himself very rich by being sharper and smarter than other people and who always prided himself upon his smartness and upon the fact that Male Performance Supplements he could not be fooled, he could not be deceived by anybody but what did Ward do in his case He fooled him into buying a portion of a mine belonging to ex Senator Chaffee a property which was not for sale, which Ward could produce no authority for sell

ing yet he got out of that man 300,000 in cash, without extenze pills for sale the passage of a single piece of paper or a line of writing to show that.the sale had been made. This Male Performance Supplements Male Performance Supplements man came to the office of Grant Ward every day for a good while, and talked with Ward about the prospects of that rich mine and it was very rich , and these two would pass directly by Mr. Chaffee and go into the next room and talk. You would think that a man of his reputation for shrewdness would Male Performance Supplements at some time or other have concluded to ask Mr. Chaffee a question or two but, no, Ward had told this man that Chaffee did not want to be known in the transaction at all, that he must seem to be at Grant Ward reaction male enhancement formula reviews s office on other business, and that he real male enhancement penis must not venture to speak to Chaffee or the whole business would new penis enhancement be spoiled.There was a man who prided himself on being a smart business man, and yet Ward robbed him of 300,000 without giving him Male Performance Supplements a scrap of anything to show that the transaction had male enhancement stretcher taken place, and to day that man is not among the Male Performance Supplements prosecutors of Ward at all, for the reason, perhaps, that he would rather lose all of that Male Performance Supplements money than Male Performance Supplements to have the fact get out that Male Performance Supplements he was deceived in so ch

Male Performance Supplements

ildish a way.General Grant mentione.d another man who was very wealthy, whom no one would venture to call a Male Performance Supplements fool, either businesswise or otherwise, yet this man came into the office one day and said Ward, here is my check for 50,000. Male Performance Supplements I have no use for it at present I am going to make a flying trip to Europe. Turn it over for me see what you can do with it. Some time afterward I was in the office when this gentleman returned from his trip and presented himself. He Male Performance Supplements asked Ward if he had accomplished anything with that money Ward said, Just wait a moment, went to his books, turned over a page, mumbled to himself a few moments, drew a check for Male Performance Supplements 250,000, handed it to this man with the air of a person who had really accomplished nothing worth talking of The man stared at the check a moment, handed it back to Ward, and said, That is plenty good enough for me Male Performance Supplements set that hen again, and he went out of the place. It was Male Performance Supplements the last he ever saw of any of that money.I had been discovering fools all along when the general was talking, but this instance brought me to my senses. I put myself in this fellow and confessed that if I had been in that fellow s

clothes it was a hundred to one that I would have done the very thing that he had done, and I was thoroughly well aware that, at male enhancement gas station any rate, there was not a preacher or a widow in penis enlarger device Christendom who would not have done it for these Male Performance Supplements people are always results of penis pumps seeking investments that pay illegitimately large sums and they Male Performance Supplements never, or seldom, stop to inquire into the nature of the business.When I was ready to go, Col. Fred Grant Male Performance Supplements went downstairs with me, and stunned me by telling me, confidentially, that the physicians were trying to keep his father s real Male Performance Supplements condition from him, but that in fact they considered him to be under sentence of death and best sex enhancer pills that Male Performance Supplements black panther 1000 male enhancement pills he would not be likely to live more than a fortnight or three weeks longer. This was Male Performance Supplements about the 21st of February, 1885. After the 21st of February, General Grant bus

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